Torch stick with magnet picker tool

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  • This Flexible Multifunctional Torch is a powerful 3 LED torch that gives super bright light yet is power efficient using LED technology ensuring low power consumption.
  • The flexible head can be wrapped around or hooked on to objects.
  • Sticks to metal surfaces leaving your hands free.
  • Hard-wearing aluminum case and good for outdoor activities.
  • Retrieve items from confined spaces

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This Flexible Torch is an absolutely brilliant idea, an ingenious design that’s ultimately practical and useful. It’s a torch at the same time it is a magnet, it is hands-free, it is short to fit your pocket and it is 56.5cm long extended, it is powerful and it is power efficient, it is sturdy and it is flexible. The head of the torch has an integrated magnet. The powerful magnets can lift objects weighing up to 95 Grams. The torch is just 16.5cm long so you can easily fit it into your bag, glove compartment, suitcase, backpack or pocket.

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